Customer Support

LiteBlue USPS provides for an impeccable support team. It is managed by the HR Shared Service Center (HRSSC). All you need to contact them is to give a call on the following number:

Number : 1-877-477-3273
The employee can call the above number for any query. It is an open line. The timing for getting in touch with the HRSSC on this number is Monday to Friday (7 AM to 8:30 PM ET). When you call the above number, you have to press “5” when it is prompted to get in touch with the team.

Number : 1-866-260-7507 (for hearing impaired)
The employee with hearing impairment can give a call on this number and use the TYY/TTD service.

USPS PostalEASE : 1-877-477-3273
You need to press “1” when prompted to get in touch with the PostalEASE.

It is pertinent to mention here that whenever you call any of the above numbers for any of your queries, make sure you have your Employee Identification Number and USPS PIN handy with you.

In addition to the above, if you wish to contact the company via mail, then here is the information regarding the same:

For Compensation and Benefits Mail On The Following
Address : HRSSC, Benefits/Compensation, PO – Box 970400, Greensboro NC 27497 – 0400

For Separations and Retirements Mail On The Following
Address : HRSSC, Retirements/Separations, PO – Box 970500, Greensboro NC 27497 – 0500

What is HRSSC?

It is worth noting that the United States Postal Service or the United States Postal Service has one of the largest employee databases. In the United States, the postal service has over 600000 employees. Therefore, it can be well assumed that companies must manage them effortlessly, with errors negligible. In order to address employee management issues, the company’s human resources department has been given enormous responsibility.

The above responsibilities are being optimized through various means. One of the initiatives is the LiteBlue USPS employee portal. This portal website includes a ‘My Human Resources’ section responsible for providing the human resources department to all employees in an online format. However, sometimes employees need to have one-on-one conversations with the human resources department. For the same purpose, the Human Resources Service Center was also present. The Human Resources Sharing Service Center is a human resources expert at LiteBlue USPS.

What are HR services you can access via the online portal?

When you enter the LiteBlue USPS online portal website, you can use many human resources services. You can simply go Access online human resources services. Here are some things related to human resources that you can do online:

  1. Change your address
  2. You can apply for a job
  3. Change or add a beneficiary
  4. You can learn about family leave
  5. You can learn about EAP
  6. You can access the eOPF
  7. You can access the ePayroll

Here are a few things you can contact USPS HRSSC for:
Besides many other queries, here are a few main ones that you can contact the USPS HR team for:

  1. Federal Employee Group Life Insurance
  2. Federal Employee Health Benefits
  3. TSP – Thrift Saving Plan
  4. Flexible Spending Account
  5. Separation, Retirement, or Voluntary Early Retirement
  6. Employee Death Benefits
  7. Military Leaves
  8. Form-50 Processing
  9. Beneficiary Designation

Therefore, it is obvious that the Human Resources Department of the United States Postal Service is very large, and every inquiry or complaint can be contacted by that department. The team is very efficient and will ensure that all your questions and complaints are resolved in a short period of time.